2019: Lilly

Name Number Position Stats
Ashton Buck 8 C View
Brodie O'Donnell 25 SS View
Caleb Hurley 16 C View
Cody Falger 34 OF View
Collin Reese 10 SS View
Dallas Hite 22 OF View
Devon Conway 14 2B View
Joshua Krise 1 P View
Kyle Reese 33 2B View
Luke Mardula 17 1B View
Luke Shuagis 41 OF View
Martin Sekerak Jr 32 C View
Richard Perrone 13 3B View
Salvador Cabrera 5 OF View
Tanner Vinglish 23 1B View
Trey Talko 33 OF View
Zachary Grove 18 P View

Coaching Staff
Name Number Position
Gregg Talko   Manager
Brock Talko   Assistant Coach
Matt Martynuska   Head Coach


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